IDSA Founding Member of GAIA‑X Association

The GAIA‑X Initia­ti­ve announ­ced today that it is one step clo­ser to its goal of a trust­worthy, sov­er­eign digi­tal infra­st­ruc­tu­re for Euro­pe. With the offi­cial signing of incor­po­ra­ti­on papers for GAIA‑X AISBL (asso­cia­ti­on inter­na­tio­na­le sans but lucra­tif), a non-pro­fit asso­cia­ti­on will secu­re fun­ding and com­mit­ment from mem­bers – and ful­fill the initiative’s visi­on for Euro­pe. The Inter­na­tio­nal Data Spaces Asso­cia­ti­on (IDSA) is one of the twen­ty-two foun­ding mem­bers of GAIA‑X AISBL.

GAIA‑X will have an immense impact on Europe’s eco­no­mic future: The asso­cia­ti­on is doing pionee­ring work in the field of data infra­st­ruc­tu­re and digi­tal eco­sys­tems. Tack­ling the data sov­er­eig­n­ty chal­len­ge is key. We are con­tri­bu­ting our exper­ti­se and expe­ri­ence with IDS, which will be a cen­tral part of the GAIA‑X archi­tec­tu­re.”

Lars Nagel, CEO of IDSA

While final incor­po­ra­ti­on is pen­ding, the foun­ding mem­bers of GAIA‑X AISBL are see­king acti­ve par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on and mem­bers­hip from natio­nal and mul­ti-natio­nal com­pa­nies, as well as part­ners in the worlds of sci­ence and poli­tics, who share Euro­pean stan­dards and values. The asso­cia­ti­on views its mem­bers as the pri­ma­ry dri­vers of pro­gress and inno­va­ti­on, working clo­se­ly tog­e­ther to defi­ne stan­dards and pro­to­ty­pe imple­men­ta­ti­ons from both pro­vi­der and user per­spec­ti­ves.

The GAIA‑X foun­ders aim to estab­lish a cul­tu­re of trust, know­ledge exchan­ge and trans­pa­ren­cy. They anti­ci­pa­te that as the association’s mem­bers­hip grows, it will be able to have an incre­a­sing impact on inno­va­ti­on and col­la­bo­ra­ti­on in the deve­lo­p­ment of tech­ni­cal solu­ti­ons and stan­dards for busi­ness, sci­ence and socie­ty across Euro­pe. GAIA‑X AISBL will set-up its head office in Brussels and estab­lish key orga­niz­a­tio­nal struc­tures.

Learn more about GAIA‑X and con­nect with the peop­le that make the visi­on of a digi­tal eco­sys­tem dri­ven by Euro­pean values hap­pen. Join the vir­tu­al Pan-Euro­pean GAIA‑X Sum­mit on Novem­ber 18 and 19. Save the date and get invol­ved!

It is going to be a very busy fall for the Inter­na­tio­nal Data Spaces Asso­cia­ti­on as well. A seri­es of sta­ke­hol­der events, work­shops and forums on data sov­er­eig­n­ty are on the calen­dar and the IDS cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on will beco­me avail­ab­le.

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