Regis­te­red Office Inter­na­tio­nal Data Spaces Asso­cia­ti­on
Anna-Loui­sa-Karsch-Stra­ße 2
10178 Ber­lin


Chief Exe­cu­ti­ve Offi­cer:
Dr. Rein­hold Achatz, thys­sen­krupp AG

Depu­ty Chief Exe­cu­ti­ve Offi­cer:
Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Fraun­ho­fer IML

Ulrich Ahle, FIWARE Foun­da­ti­on

Mem­bers of the Board:
Mar­kus Vehlow, PwC AG | Ulrich Ahle, Atos GmbH | Dr. Robert Bau­er, SICK AG | Prof. Dr. Ste­fan Wro­bel, Fraun­ho­fer IAIS | Lars Bäu­mann, VW

Postal address

Head Office Inter­na­tio­nal Data Spaces Asso­cia­ti­on
Joseph-von-Fraun­ho­fer-Str. 2–4
44227 Dort­mund
Tel. +49 231 9743 619

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