Peter Alt­mai­er, Ger­man Federal Minis­ter

As data sci­en­tists, we have run into this pro­blem qui­te often: insuf­fi­ci­ent amounts of good data. Poo­ling data from dif­fe­rent sources could be a solu­ti­on. In a recent inter­view with t3n Federal Minis­ter Alt­mai­er even advo­ca­ted data pools for all of Euro­pe (May 29, 2019). Until recent­ly, it was com­pli­ca­ted to pool data with others. One key con­cern has been data gover­nan­ce and the abi­li­ty to mana­ge it effec­tively. The Inter­na­tio­nal Data Spaces Asso­cia­ti­on (IDSA) has respon­ded to this chal­len­ge and crea­ted a blue­print for a data gover­nan­ce archi­tec­tu­re that allows for data pools and data sand­wi­ches across enter­pri­se bounda­ries without com­pro­mi­sing the manage­ment of data gover­nan­ce. IDSA defi­nes data gover­nan­ce “as a natu­ral person’s or cor­po­ra­te entity’s capa­bi­li­ty of being ent­i­re­ly self-deter­mi­ned with regard to its data” (IDSA Refe­rence Archi­tec­tu­re Mode 3.0, page 9). IDSA is an asso­cia­ti­on of indus­try par­ti­ci­pants, crea­ted to pro­mo­te data gover­nan­ce archi­tec­tu­re solu­ti­ons based on rese­arch con­duc­ted by Ger­man Fraun­ho­fer Insti­tu­te with fun­ding from the Ger­man government (Fraun­ho­fer initia­ti­ve for secu­re data space laun­ched, 2015). Today, mem­bers inclu­de auto­ma­kers like Volks­wa­gen, sup­pliers like Bosch, and tra­di­tio­nal infor­ma­ti­on and com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons tech­no­lo­gy spe­cia­lists like IBM and Deut­sche Tele­kom.

In “From IoT to Inter­net of Pro­duc­tion (IoP)” data sci­en­tists with the Tele­kom Data Intel­li­gence Hub report on first, real world data poo­ling explo­ra­ti­ons:

How to impro­ve qua­li­ty when ‘everything’s been done alrea­dy’? It is a sto­ry about a “Hid­den Cham­pion,” a medi­um-sized indus­tri­al com­pa­ny and Euro­pean mar­ket lea­der, that invi­ted a group of new hires at Deut­sche Tele­kom to expe­ri­ment with new Inter­net of Things (IoT) sen­sors and plat­form ser­vices, such as the Tele­kom Cloud of Things (CoT): Link

What star­ted as play and on the side tur­ned into a real-world labo­ra­to­ry with real busi­ness impro­ve­ments and bot­tom line results. Find out what you could do: Link

Text by: Prof. Dr. Chris Schlue­ter Lang­don, Deut­sche Tele­kom

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