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The Connected Factory (Part 2/3)

The Connected Factory (Part 2/3) by Ralf Keuper Many people still consider the smart, connected factory as something to emerge at some time in the future. However, as our co-exhibitors at IDS Virtual Expo demonstrate, such factories have become reality already. The enterprises are presenting use cases in [...]

DIH Data Broker – A solution by Deutsche Telekom

Image source: dih.telekom.net/en A platform for secure and efficient cross-company data exchangeby Dr. Karsten SchweichhartData has turned into one of the most valuable resources in the world. To be shared across companies in order to improve products and services, data must be made available via electronic [...]

Survey: Connector Setup and Certification

Survey: Connector Setup and Certification  The IDSA Working Group Certification aims to make IDS certification scalable and efficient, thus bringing it to market maturity.   To achieve this, the Working Group Certification invites you to take part in a survey: Information on (planned) implementations and ongoing upkeep on connectors [...]

The Connected Factory (Part 1/3)

Photo credits: IDSA / Lutz Kampert The Connected Factory (Part 1/3) by Ralf Keuper As the platform economy continues to propel the digital transformation across all industries, existing value chains are reaching their limits. With product orientation increasingly being replaced by service orientation, and with more and [...]

Recruiting Cloud Platform Based on IDS Connectors

Oleg Mutzenberger, Dennis Neumann and Antonio Reinhart (from left to right) are the founders of SCOPE Recruiting cloud platform based on IDS connectors Transparent and Secure E-Recruiting with SCOPE and idento.one The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives every EU citizen the right to know exactly what data [...]