First-Ever Marketplace According to the IDS Standard

Digi­tal mar­ket­pla­ces con­nect infra­st­ruc­tures, data and peop­le. they crea­te a basis for com­pe­ti­ti­ve solu­ti­ons and busi­ness models. And they must meet the hig­hest secu­ri­ty stan­dards. IDSA mem­ber ADVANEO shows how: After three years of exten­si­ve tes­ting, the Düs­sel­dorf based IT com­pa­ny offi­cial­ly pre­sen­ted the “ADVANEO Data Mar­ket­place 1.0” – the first online plat­form ever to be based on the IDS stan­dard.

The ADVANEO Data Mar­ket­place 1.0 faci­li­ta­tes secu­re and trust­worthy exchan­ge of data on a glo­bal level. Bes­i­des offe­ring a plat­form for buy­ing and sel­ling data, the new mar­ket­place accom­mo­da­tes almost 2 mil­li­on sets of open data that are con­ti­nuous­ly updated and avail­ab­le for free.

Key to the ADVANEO Data Mar­ket­place is the princip­le of data sov­er­eig­n­ty ("Pri­va­cy Pre­ser­ving") is gua­ran­te­ed for all of its users. To con­trol the exchan­ge of data and pre­vent unaut­ho­ri­zed data use, the ADVANEO mar­ket­place offers mecha­nisms to mana­ge indi­vi­du­al access to selec­ted data secu­re­ly and auto­no­mous­ly. In a busi­ness world in which data traf­fic is beco­m­ing incre­a­singly important, cross-com­pa­ny, cross-natio­nal digi­tal col­la­bo­ra­ti­on deman­ds secu­re elec­tro­nic plat­forms ensu­ring each data owner/provider stays in con­trol over what hap­pens to their data – and this is basi­cal­ly what data sov­er­eig­n­ty is about.

How important secu­ri­ty and trust­wort­hi­ness are when it comes to exch­an­ging sen­si­ti­ve data can be view­ed the­se days, when we look at the (inter­na­tio­nal) col­la­bo­ra­ti­on in the deve­lo­p­ment and tes­ting of a vac­ci­ne against COVID-19. Rese­arch insti­tu­ti­ons col­la­bo­ra­ting with each other can use the ADVANEO Data Mar­ket­place to estab­lish pro­tec­ted data spaces for com­mon use of rese­arch data or to exchan­ge data for the pur­po­se of enri­ching own data invent­ories. ADVANEO ther­eby offers a solu­ti­on that is high­ly effi­ci­ent and secu­re at the same time.

IDS Con­nec­tor faci­li­ta­tes secu­re exchan­ge of data

The ADVANEO Data Mar­ket­place is the first-ever online plat­form to be based on the IDS refe­rence archi­tec­tu­re ensu­ring data sov­er­eig­n­ty for every par­ti­ci­pant invol­ved in a data exchan­ge tran­sac­tion. Data sov­er­eig­n­ty basi­cal­ly means two things here:

  1. ADVANEO does not requi­re data to be exch­an­ged to be stored on the plat­form its­elf; ins­tead, the data always phy­si­cal­ly remains with the IT infra­st­ruc­tu­re of the respec­ti­ve owner/provider. The only data that can be acces­sed and view­ed on the plat­form its­elf is meta­da­ta pro­vi­ding infor­ma­ti­on on the data offe­red or reques­ted for being exch­an­ged.
  2. To each set of data to be exch­an­ged, a data usa­ge poli­cy can be atta­ched, spe­ci­fy­ing what the data user/consumer may do with the data, and what not. The trans­fer of the data does not take place until a con­trac­tu­al agree­ment has been reached by the par­ties invol­ved. The tech­ni­cal com­po­nent respon­si­ble for secu­re, encryp­ted exchan­ge of data is the IDS Con­nec­tor each par­ti­ci­pant needs to imple­ment.
Figure: Data exchange on the ADVANEO Data marketplace

Fast access to and easy use of open data

The ADVANEO Data Mar­ket­place is open to all com­mon data for­mats. For being quick­ly retriev­a­ble, data can be cate­go­ri­zed (IoT data, pro­duc­tion data, envi­ron­men­tal data etc.). This means that the ADVANEO Data Mar­ket­place is a cross-domain plat­form, on which users have access to a pool of almost 2 mil­li­on sets of open data from near­ly one-thousand sources world­wi­de (among them e.g. or This allows users to enrich their own data invent­ories easi­ly and cost-effi­ci­ent­ly. Fur­ther­mo­re, data can be ana­ly­zed and visua­li­zed direct­ly over the plat­form using a func­tion named „Data Sci­ence Work­bench“.

Sus­tainab­le, decen­tral approach saves resour­ces

The ADVANEO Data Mar­ket­place is based on a decen­tral approach. Lar­ge ser­ver farms are not requi­red, as data to be exch­an­ged always phy­si­cal­ly remains with the IT infra­st­ruc­tu­re of the data user/provider. This makes ADVANEO a sus­tainab­le solu­ti­on that saves resour­ces. Fur­ther­mo­re, ADVANEO sup­ports the pro­li­fe­ra­ti­on of rene­wa­ble ener­gy con­cepts, as it col­la­bo­ra­tes with a data cen­ter using only green power for ope­ra­ti­on of all necessa­ry app­li­ca­ti­ons.

The deve­lo­p­ment of new, data-dri­ven app­li­ca­ti­ons is faci­li­ta­ted by an adap­ta­ble infra­st­ruc­tu­re, mul­ti­ple inter­faces, and various tools (such as “data­thons”, a data rela­ted form of hacka­thons, which are con­duc­ted pri­ma­ri­ly in vir­tu­al envi­ron­ments).

IDS Laun­ching Coali­ti­on

Many IDSA mem­bers are working on IDS-based pro­ducts and solu­ti­ons. The IDS Laun­ching Coali­ti­on inten­si­fied its enga­ge­ment to have their use cases imple­men­ted and cer­ti­fied until Novem­ber 2020. If you want to learn more about it, look out for #IDS­g­o­Li­ve on Twit­ter and Lin­kedIn and of cour­se the IDSA Blog. For our mem­bers we pre­pa­red a Jive space with more details and back­ground sto­ries.