Sur­vey on Digi­tal Eco­sys­tems
Deter­mi­ning the sta­tus quo in the Ger­man eco­no­my

How do Ger­man com­pa­nies per­cei­ve Digi­tal Eco­sys­tems? Is it a chan­ce for new, ground­brea­king busi­ness models or just ano­t­her digi­tiz­a­ti­on buz­z­word?

Our mem­ber Fraun­ho­fer IESE wants to deter­mi­ne the sta­tus quo of the Ger­man eco­no­my. Plea­se take part in Fraun­ho­fer IESE's sur­vey and sup­port their rese­arch.

For the sur­vey: