Digi­tal Risks and Side effec­ts (In Ger­man)

Frankfurter Allgemeine, August 28th 2019

Tierschutz – Wunsch nach sicherem Rahmen

Hel­mut Voß­mann von „agma­da­ta“ hielt einen Vor­trag zum The­ma „Tier­schutz und Tier­wohl mit IT-Hil­fe“. Dazu hat­te er meh­re­re SPD-Poli­ti­ker ein­ge­la­den, mit denen er dis­ku­tier­te. […]

New logistics community pushes forward development of digital business models

Today, the intel­li­gent lin­king of data is regar­ded as the basis for digi­tal added value. In recent years, the Inter­na­tio­nal Data Space Asso­cia­ti­on pushed for­ward a cross-indus­try con­cept for the secu­re and sover­eign manage­ment of data which is now to be vali­da­ted in various app­li­ca­ti­on domains. Logistics is an important app­li­ca­ti­on domain – Nuri Mora­va from DB Schen­ker exp­lains the signi­fi­can­ce of the Data Spaces con­cept for the indus­try. […]

Implementing Industry 4.0 on an international scale
dpaonthenet.net 27.07.2017

The next pro­ject goal is to car­ve out a posi­ti­on for the Indus­tri­al Data Space in rela­ti­on to and in inter­ac­tion with other refe­rence archi­tec­tures, such as tho­se being deve­lo­ped by the Indus­tri­al Inter­net Con­sor­ti­um in the United Sta­tes or the Japa­ne­se Indus­tri­al Value Chain Initia­ti­ve – becau­se, in today´s glo­bal sup­ply chains, the flow of data is not restric­ted to a sin­gle coun­try and com­pa­nies the­re­fo­re need […]