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Autumn 2019

IDSA Webinar Series Autumn 2019 #1: Open Data Spaces by Vincent Bohlen & Fabian Kirstein

IDSA Webinar Series Autumn 2019 #2: Data Ethics by Dr. André Nemat

Autumn 2018

#10 Trust in the IDS based on Certification – Nadja Menz, Fraunhofer FOKUS and Aleksei Resetko, PwC GmbH

#9 IDS Policy Language – Jaroslav Pullmann, Senior Researcher Fraunhofer FIT

#8 Trust & Security in the IDS – Gerd Brost, Senior Security Engineer Fraunhofer AISEC

#7 The IDS Connector – Heinrich Pettenpohl, Senior Researcher Fraunhofer ISST

#6 The IDS Information Model – Jaroslav Pullmann, Senior Researcher Fraunhofer FIT, Dr. Christian Mader, Fraunhofer IAIS, Dr. Sebastian Tramp, eccenca GmbH

#5 Data Usage Control – Christian Jung & Andreas Eitel, Senior Researcher Fraunhofer IESE

#4 The IDS Reference Architecture Model from a Business Point of View – Dr. Steffen Lohmann, Senior Researcher Fraunhofer IAIS

#3 Data Governance – Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Managing Director Fraunhofer ISST

#2 Process Layer of the IDS – Christoph Quix, Senior Researcher Fraunhofer FIT

#1 Context of the IDS – Lars Nagel, Managing Director IDSA

#0 Introduction on the Industrial Data Space Initiative and the Reference Architecture

Webinar IDSA Logistics Community: Interest Group Focusing on Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Martin Böhmer, Dr. Christian Tummel & Onur Basbayandur

Webinar Cresentials 2017




IDSA at the IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona 2019

Trusted Digital Twins – Testbed at the IoTSWC Barcelona 2019

Impressions of the IDSA Summit 2019

Impressions of the IDSA Winterdays 2019


Impressions of the Hannover Messe 2018

Review and Success on the Hannover Messe 2018 - Interview with Lars Nagel

IDSA Internationalization & Renaming – Interview with Lars Nagel

1st IDSA Summit at PwC Germany in Frankfurt a. M.