One year after the first refe­rence archi­tec­tu­re was pre­sen­ted, the second ver­si­on is now rea­dy – and was offi­ci­al­ly pre­sen­ted at Han­no­ver Mes­se 2018 this April.
The refe­rence archi­tec­tu­re model has been com­ple­te­ly revi­sed in this new ver­si­on. Dr. Stef­fen Loh­mann (Fraun­ho­fer IAIS) who mana­ges the Archi­tec­tu­re working group of the asso­cia­ti­on tog­e­ther with Andre­as Teu­scher (Sick AG) names three signi­fi­cant inno­va­tions: “The infor­ma­ti­on model and the secu­ri­ty archi­tec­tu­re were fur­ther deve­lo­ped and the topic of usa­ge con­trol has been inte­gra­ted more stron­gly“. “Now, the busi­ness and pro­cess levels are also in line with the latest deve­lop­ments, as is the role design in the cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on sche­me. Altog­e­ther, we have added our latest know­ledge and the cur­rent deve­lop­ments into the refe­rence archi­tec­tu­re. With the cur­rent sta­tus, we have taken a big step for­ward on the way towards the com­pre­hen­si­ve imple­men­ta­ti­on of Indus­tri­al Data Space. “
The work on the refe­rence archi­tec­tu­re model (RAM) is car­ri­ed out in clo­se coope­ra­ti­on with the activi­ties for DIN SPEC. The docu­men­ta­ti­on of RAM focu­ses on an inte­gra­ted over­view. For more infor­ma­ti­on, see the detail­ed descrip­ti­ons of Con­nec­tor (Con­nec­tor in a Nuts­hell) and cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on sche­mes refe­ren­ced in the docu­ment.