Why the Indus­try desper­ate­ly needs a com­mon data space.

By IM aut­hor Robert Weber

Ima­gi­ne you are a mechanical engi­neer. Your pro­ducts run at dif­fe­rent com­pa­nies, dif­fe­rent sizes, in dif­fe­rent coun­tries, cli­ma­te zones, etc. You don't always get the data from the machi­nes without any pro­blems – who owns the data? Your cus­to­mers don't want to publish their pro­duc­tion data, they don't want to pro­vi­de insights. What if the­re was a data room whe­re cus­to­mers could anony­mous­ly set up data and restrict its use? As a par­ti­ci­pant in this data room, you could use the data, deve­lop new ser­vices, and offer it to your cus­to­mers. The result is a secu­re data mar­ket­place without cos­t­ly con­tracts. Sounds temp­t­ing? It is. The indus­try needs this data space – urgent­ly, becau­se tho­se who want to start AI pro­jects as entre­pre­neurs not only need com­pa­ny-inter­nal data, but also cross-plant data. The com­pa­ri­son from the medi­cal field is obvious: the local der­ma­to­lo­gist can com­pa­re a person’s birth­mark with his expe­ri­en­ced know­ledge, i.e. with his data, he can iden­ti­fy pos­si­ble abnor­ma­li­ties, or he can com­pa­re the image of the birth­mark with mil­li­ons of data sets world­wi­de and reco­gni­ze rare abnor­ma­li­ties. That is why indus­try, medi­ci­ne and the con­su­mer world need a secu­re data space.

Com­men­ta­ry rela­ted to the arti­cle "Uni­fied Data Space: Bet­ter World" recent­ly publis­hed in the Aus­tri­an Indus­trie Maga­zin.