For more than two years the Indus­tri­al Data Space Asso­cia­ti­on has been poo­ling the requi­re­ments for Indus­tri­al Data Space, orga­ni­sing know­ledge exchan­ge bet­ween the sci­ence and busi­ness com­mu­nities and deve­lo­ping gui­de­li­nes for cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on, stan­dar­di­sa­ti­on and exploi­ta­ti­on. And it is not only the deve­lop­ment and estab­lish­ment of Indus­tri­al Data Space con­ti­nuous­ly that has pro­gres­sed so much during this time.

The user asso­cia­ti­on and its mem­bers have also achie­ved a gre­at deal, set­ting new prio­ri­ties and deve­lo­ping stra­te­gies. This is now also reflec­ted in the new name of the asso­cia­ti­on that was deci­ded at the gene­ral mee­ting in Frank­furt on 22 March 2018. As “Inter­na­tio­nal Data Spaces Asso­cia­ti­on” (still abbre­via­ted as IDSA), a new chap­ter has begun in the histo­ry of the user asso­cia­ti­on.

“The new name lives up to the cur­rent mis­si­on and objec­tives of the IDSA,” Lars Nagel, Manage­ment Direc­tor of the IDSA head office is con­vin­ced. In the end, the deve­lop­ment of Indus­tri­al Data Space does not focus on a sin­gle data space but on the plu­ra­li­ty and coexis­tence of secu­re and cer­ti­fied data spaces for data exchan­ge. Depen­ding on the dif­fe­rent app­li­ca­ti­on sce­n­a­ri­os, and the tar­get group/sector and requi­re­ment pro­files, the­se are all deve­lo­ping indi­vi­dual­ly. Cur­r­ent­ly, a Medi­cal Data Space, a Logistics Data Space and a Farm & Food Dat­aSpace are being deve­lo­ped – the clas­sic manu­fac­tu­ring indus­try will be orga­nis­ed as Indus­tri­al Data Space in future, under the new umbrel­la of the Inter­na­tio­nal Data Spaces Asso­cia­ti­on.

“The main focus of our stra­te­gy is inter­na­tio­na­li­sa­ti­on. And we intend to make data avail­ab­le from all app­li­ca­ti­on sce­n­a­ri­os, indus­tries and eco­sys­tems“, exp­lains Nagel. “We are pushing for­ward the deve­lop­ment of Indus­tri­al Data Space inter­na­tio­nal­ly, pre­sen­ting our objec­tives world­wi­de and working on a solu­ti­on that can be deploy­ed bey­ond coun­try bor­ders. Now, this aspect is reflec­ted clear­ly in the name of the asso­cia­ti­on.”

Offi­ci­al­ly, the user asso­cia­ti­on will be pre­sen­ting its­elf for the first time as the Inter­na­tio­nal Data Spaces Asso­cia­ti­on at the Han­no­ver Mes­se in April. The new name will also be adorning the association’s own booth, exhi­bits and infor­ma­ti­on mate­ri­al the­re.