“Digi­tiza­ti­on is like struc­tu­ral chan­ge for many sec­tors and com­pa­nies", Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, head of the Indus­tri­al Data Space rese­arch pro­ject, empha­si­zed at the first EU-Sta­ke­hol­der Forum of the "Digi­ti­zing European Indus­try" initia­ti­ve on Janu­a­ry 31. The Mana­ging Direc­tor of the Fraun­ho­fer Insti­tu­te for Soft­ware and Sys­tem Tech­no­lo­gy (ISST) wel­co­med 20 par­ti­ci­pants of the forum to a site visit Dort­mund in the midd­le of the Ruhr Regi­on that day. Whe­re­as this for­mer mining regi­on has alrea­dy rede­fi­ned and rest­ruc­tu­red its­elf, Otto said in his wel­co­me speech, this chan­ge is still immi­nent for many com­pa­nies in the­se times of Indus­try 4.0: “Data sover­eig­n­ty is one of the fun­da­men­tal con­di­ti­ons com­pa­nies need ful­fil in order to mas­ter that chal­len­ge. Indus­tri­al Data Space intends to make that pos­si­ble." How exac­t­ly that is sup­po­sed to work was demons­tra­ted in pre­sen­ta­ti­ons and dis­cus­sions on the topic of “Indus­tri­al Data Space – A European Initia­ti­ve on Data Sover­eig­n­ty". For two hours, the audi­ence got an over­view of the cur­rent sta­tus and insights into the next mile­stones for the Indus­tri­al Data Space rese­arch pro­ject.

That inclu­ded the first public pre­sen­ta­ti­on of the cur­rent draft of the refe­rence archi­tec­tu­re intro­du­ced by Dr. Stef­fen Loh­mann (Fraun­ho­fer IAIS). Dr.-Ing. Ali­re­za Tava­ko­li (thys­sen­krupp AG) pre­sen­ted ano­t­her mile­stone with the first use case that has been suc­cess­ful­ly imple­men­ted in prac­tice. thys­sen­krupp has con­nec­ted sup­pliers and trucks via Indus­tri­al Data Space to opti­mi­ze and get bet­ter con­trol over the sup­ply chain and make times for loa­ding and unloa­ding more fle­xi­ble. “That is of bene­fit for us as a com­pa­ny and for our custo­mers as well", says Tava­ko­li.
Ulrich Ahle, respon­si­ble for Indus­try 4.0 at Atos and mem­ber of the board of the Indus­tri­al Data Space Asso­cia­ti­on, illus­tra­ted examp­les for new busi­ness models on the basis of Indus­tri­al Data Space.  Prof. Egbert-Jan Sol (TNO) and Oscar Laza­ro (Inno­va­lia) gave examp­les for inter­na­tio­nal Indus­tri­al Data Space hub activi­ties at the end of the site visit at Fraun­ho­fer ISST.
The first Sta­ke­hol­der Forum put on by the Federal Minis­try for Eco­no­mic Affairs and Ener­gy and the European Com­mis­si­on was offi­ci­al­ly ope­ned in the Grand Hall at Zoll­ver­ein in Essen. After spee­ches by the Sta­te Secreta­ry Mat­thi­as Mach­nig and Gün­ther Oet­tin­ger, EU Com­mis­sio­ner for Digi­tal Eco­no­my and Socie­ty, dif­fe­rent aspec­ts of Indus­try 4.0 were dis­cus­sed and natio­nal initia­ti­ves for the digi­tiza­ti­on of indus­try and Indus­try 4.0 were pre­sen­ted.  The con­fe­rence pro­gram­me also inclu­ded work­shops on the topics of "Digi­tal Inno­va­ti­on Hubs", "Digi­tal Plat­forms for the indus­try of tomor­row" and "Regu­lato­ry chal­len­ges for digi­ti­zing indus­try". An exhi­bi­ti­on area whe­re the Indus­tri­al Data Space Asso­cia­ti­on was also pre­sent offe­red more infor­ma­ti­on about natio­nal and European initia­ti­ves and intro­du­ced suc­cess­ful examp­les for the use of digi­tal tech­no­lo­gies.