30. January 2020 all-day

The Data Sharing Coali­ti­on focu­ses on har­mo­ni­sa­ti­on and sche­me level. It focu­ses on deve­lo­ping a trust frame­work for data sharing initia­ti­ves based on cross-sec­to­ral princi­ples. Through this, the DSC aims at enab­ling sec­to­ral and cross-sec­to­ral data sharing bet­ween com­pa­nies and crea­ting use cases of data sharing – to sup­port the digi­tal eco­no­my and to dri­ve value by enab­ling effi­ci­en­ci­es and new pro­ducts and ser­vices.

The launch of the Data Sharing Coali­ti­on was main­ly initia­ted by Inno­pay. IDSA and 15 fur­ther orga­niz­a­ti­ons will com­mit them­sel­ves to the Data Sharing Coali­ti­on, amongst them the IDSA mem­ber Uni­ver­si­ty of Ams­ter­dam.

For more details plea­se read our press release (which will be publis­hed on Janu­a­ry 30th, 2020): www.internationaldataspaces.org/idsa-joined-the-data-haring-coalition