2. December 2020 all-day
ZVEI Conference Center
Lyoner Straße 9
60528 Frankfurt am Main

…starts with a key­note by IDSA on Data Sov­er­eig­n­ty.

The Ger­man eco­no­my is on the thres­hold of the fourth indus­tri­al age. The mecha­ni­cal and electri­cal engi­nee­ring indus­tries are shaping the ongo­ing digi­tiz­a­ti­on pro­cess more inten­si­ve­ly than any other indus­tri­al sec­tor: the mecha­ni­cal indus­try as tech­no­lo­gy inte­gra­tors and the electri­cal indus­try as an enab­ler of the new, digi­tal indus­tri­al age.

Plat­form tech­no­lo­gy is regar­ded as a key tech­no­lo­gy in the net­wor­king of machi­nes, the evo­lu­ti­on of devices from simp­le to smart and the plan­ning of intel­li­gent pro­duc­tion pro­ces­ses. In this way, the IoT plat­form will beco­me a fur­ther inter­face bet­ween the two indus­tri­al sec­tors whe­re tech­no­lo­gi­cal and eco­no­mic inte­gra­ti­on will be deepe­ned. The mem­ber com­pa­nies of the ZVEI will act as part­ners, cus­to­mers and even as ope­ra­tors of digi­tal plat­forms and will play a key role in dri­ving the deve­lo­p­ment of new busi­ness are­as in the plat­form eco­no­my.

The need for infor­ma­ti­on regar­ding the right IoT plat­form is par­ti­cu­lar­ly gre­at, as choo­sing the right plat­form app­li­ca­ti­on has beco­me a chal­len­ge in view of a lar­ge num­ber of offers. A well-thought-out selec­tion stra­te­gy is the­re­fo­re even more important. What should be achie­ved with the IoT plat­form? Should the end devices or sys­tems beco­me more intel­li­gent, or ent­i­re pro­duc­tion pro­ces­ses? Does the com­pa­ny need both or even no IoT plat­form at all?

The one-day IoT Plat­form Con­fe­rence on Decem­ber 2nd, 2020, will give ans­wers to the­se and other ques­ti­ons.

IDSA is very plea­sed that a key­note from CEO Lars Nagel will be the launch of this remar­kab­le con­fe­rence.

For more: https://zvei-services.de/zvei-akademie/seminare-zum-thema-industrie/iot-plattformkonferenz/