19. September 2019 – 20. September 2019 all-day
Digital Excellence Forum @ ICT Proposers' Day 2019 @ Helsinki

This event will pro­vi­de an excel­lent oppor­tu­ni­ty to pre­sent and dis­cuss the main poli­cy dri­vers of the digi­tal trans­for­ma­ti­on of Euro­pean indus­try and socie­ty and how the EU rese­arch and inno­va­ti­on agen­da can best con­tri­bu­te to the­se objec­ti­ves. The event will also pre­sent the Hori­zon 2020 Work Pro­gram­me, and ser­ve as a uni­que net­wor­king plat­form for ICT enthu­si­asts and pro­fes­sio­nals.

The programme

The Digi­tal Excel­lence Forum will start with a ple­na­ry deba­te on “Part­ne­ring for Digi­tal Excel­lence”. Part­ners­hips are a stra­te­gic imple­men­ta­ti­on mecha­nism to align rese­arch agen­das, leverage invest­ments at Euro­pean and Natio­nal levels, and mobi­li­se pri­va­te co-invest­ment from indus­try. This ple­na­ry ses­si­on will be an oppor­tu­ni­ty to lis­ten to Euro­pean lea­ders deba­ting about key chal­len­ges that Euro­pe will face in the com­ing deca­de and how Euro­pean pro­gram­mes cata­ly­se invest­ments in shared R&I goals.

The event will have a sepa­ra­te track of open dia­lo­gue ses­si­ons on the upco­m­ing Digi­tal Euro­pe Pro­gram­me, which main objec­ti­ve is to boost Europe's sus­tainab­le digi­tal trans­for­ma­ti­on for the bene­fit of citi­zens and busi­nes­ses. The­se ses­si­ons will pro­vi­de a uni­que oppor­tu­ni­ty for par­ti­ci­pants to get an insight of the Com­mis­si­on pro­po­sal for the first two years of the pro­gram­me and to share their views and ide­as for pro­gram­me invest­ments focus in the next two years.

ICT Pro­po­sers’ Day 2019 tracks will focus on the upco­m­ing calls of the Hori­zon 2020 Work Pro­gram­me in the field of Infor­ma­ti­on & Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on Tech­no­lo­giesFuture and Emer­ging Tech­no­lo­gies (FET), and Socie­tal Chal­len­ges. The event will offer an excep­tio­nal oppor­tu­ni­ty to build qua­li­ty part­ners­hips with aca­de­mics, rese­ar­chers, indus­tri­al sta­ke­hol­ders, SMEs and government actors from all over Euro­pe.

Com­mis­si­on offi­cials will be at your dis­po­sal to reply to your ques­ti­ons on ICT-rela­ted topics of the 2018–20 work pro­gram­me and the con­tent of the next calls for pro­po­sals. Net­wor­king stands will ser­ve as mee­ting points to faci­li­ta­te inter­ac­tions bet­ween peop­le inte­res­ted in the same rese­arch topics.

Infor­ma­ti­on ses­si­ons are desi­gned to pre­sent the main fea­tures of the work pro­gram­me and to assist par­ti­ci­pants on how to pre­pa­re and sub­mit a pro­po­sal to ans­wer a Hori­zon 2020 call.


Fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on and the regis­tra­ti­on can be found here.