19. October 2018 @ 10:00 – 11:00
1st IDS Webinar Sequel - The IDS Business Layer @ ONLINE WEBINAR

For the first time, the Inter­na­tio­nal Data Spaces Asso­cia­ti­on offers a webi­nar sequel on the topic of the IDS Refe­rence Archi­tec­tu­re Model 2.0, in which all spec­tra of the IDS and the Refe­rence Archi­tec­tu­re are exp­lai­ned in a simp­le and user-fri­end­ly man­ner.

The IDS Busi­ness Lay­er  is the today´s Topic on the IDS Refe­rence Archit­e­cu­ture Model 2.0 and will be pre­sen­ted by Dr. Stef­fen Loh­mann from Fraun­ho­fer  IAIS.

The webi­nar which is aimed at all inte­rested par­ties begins with an illus­tra­ti­ve explana­ti­on of the respec­tive topic and ends with an inter­ac­tive ques­ti­on and ans­wer ses­si­on.

Join the live-webi­nar here, or watch it on our You­Tube chan­nel after­wards.

Plea­se note that the capa­ci­ties for par­ti­ci­pants are limi­ted the­re­fo­re you should log in in time.