Fol­lo­wing their suc­cess­ful appearan­ce at the Han­no­ver Mes­se, the IDS was also a topic on Deutsch­land­funk radio: in the "For­schung aktu­ell" (“Cur­rent rese­arch”) pro­gram­me, Ulrich Ahle, IDSA board mem­ber and CEO of the FIWARE Foun­da­ti­on, exp­lai­ned the objec­tives of IDS, gave an over­view of the refe­rence architecture’s com­pon­ents and spo­ke about stan­dards and data sover­eign­ty.

When asked about sce­n­a­ri­os that pre­dict that a car manu­fac­tu­rer will be able to access its sup­pliers’ machi­ne data, some­thing that the sup­pliers might not be so plea­sed about, he exp­lai­ned: “This is exact­ly whe­re our data sover­eign­ty comes into play. Data sover­eign­ty enab­les the owner of the machi­ne, the buy­er of the machi­ne to defi­ne who is allo­wed to access his data, to whom his data is made avail­ab­le and what the reci­pi­ent of this data is allo­wed to do with it.”
You can lis­ten to the ent­i­re inter­view (from minu­te 6:00) here.