2nd IDSA Winterdays at Atos in Paris

“Trust in Data Sharing Ecosystems!” Paris / Dortmund, Dec 2nd, 2019. Linking the innovative, data-driven business models of international companies and organisations, for example in the AI sector, and the IDS concept for data sovereignty and secure data ecosystems with each other – this is the aim of the IDSA Winterdays from Dec [...]

Digital Hub Logistics wins first prize at the DEI Stakeholder Forum in Madrid

During the DEI Stakeholder Forum today in Madrid, the Digital Hub Logistics Dortmund was presented with the first prize for the "European Digital Innovation Hub Champions Challenge." The Digital Hub Logistics is one of the world's leading digital ecosystems dedicated to logistics. It is driving digitization – whether in logistics, production and manufacturing, [...]

3 Questions for Henk Jan Vink

Hank Jan Vink is Managing Director ICT Innovations at TNO. Photo credits: TNO Henk Jan Vink is Managing Director Information and Technology Innovations at TNO. He was elected to the Board the General Assembly during our 2nd IDSA Summit. Here he answers some questions, why he is involved in our association and [...]

Why Data Matters by Prof. Dr. Chris Schlueter Langdon

THE SUPREME RULE: The first rule of success with data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) is to use (a) the right data and (b) in the right quantity, because AI can only extract insights, if the information for it is captured in the data - and the more, the better.For example, if predicting the failure [...]

International Data Spaces for Industry 4.0

Industry event with the founding of the IDSA Competence CenterWhy are data sovereignty and data-based business models of great importance for the competitiveness of the German and international economy? How can data exchange between companies be supported along the value chain?The International Data Spaces (IDS) will be providing answers to these questions. IDS will be [...]

Three official IDSA Hubs to be inaugurated at once in June

Newly established hubs in different countries support IDSA to win new members Digitization creates new opportunities for business. Everyday. Data is the strategic resource to drive these opportunities forward and to foster the success of companies on complex markets. For this, IDSA is growing and gaining more members on an international level. To support [...]

The IDS Certification Scheme

One of the central components of the International Data SpacesThe International Data Spaces are a virtual data space leveraging existing standards and technologies, as well as accepted governance models. It enables the secure exchange and easy linkage of data in a trusted business ecosystem. Data security and trust are two fundamental characteristics of the International [...]

French Hub officially joins the IDSA

French Hub officially joins the IDSA Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT) signs its entry to IDSA Hubs Philippe Jamet, Executive President of IMT (on the right), and Lars Nagel, Managing Director of IDSA, signing the official hub agreement (Paris, May 17th, 2019) The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) and IMT signed an agreement confirming that [...]