Three Questions to… the working group “Digital Business Models”

Prof. Dr. Svenja Falk, Managing Director at Accenture, Christoph Plass, Board of UNITY, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Boris Otto, Managing Director of Fraunhofer ISST and Deputy Chairman of the IDSA Board. © Plattform Industrie 4.0/ Christoph Plass / Fraunhofer ISST What are the central potentials, challenges and needs of companies [...]

Need a Marketplace without Contract Fuss

Why the Industry desperately needs a common data space. By IM author Robert Weber Imagine you are a mechanical engineer. Your products run at different companies, different sizes, in different countries, climate zones, etc. You don't always get the data from the machines without any problems – who owns the data? Your customers [...]

Implementing IDS

Data Sharing & Data Pools Today, data sharing and data pools are a source of competitive advantage in digital business. German Federal Minister Altmaier recently advocated European data pools to ensure the competitiveness of companies in Europe, particularly small and medium sized enterprises (German Federal Minister Altmaier Advocating Data Pools) How to create a [...]

Cognitive Data for Digitalization – The Neglected Variety Dimension

The Neglected Variety Dimension The three classic dimensions of Big Data are volume, velocity and variety. While there has been much focus on addressing the volume and velocity dimensions, the variety dimension was rather neglected for some time (or tackled independently). However, meanwhile most use cases, where large amounts of data are available [...]

Cognitive Data for Digitalization – History of Computing

History of ComputingIf we look back at the history of computing, we can see that IT technologies were initially very bound to the capabilities of the hardware, but became more intuitive and „human“ over the past decades: In the beginning (see the Zuse Z3 above), programmers had to physically interact with [...]

German Federal Minister Altmaier Advocating Data Pools

Peter Altmaier, German Federal Minister As data scientists, we have run into this problem quite often: insufficient amounts of good data. Pooling data from different sources could be a solution. In a recent interview with t3n Federal Minister Altmaier even advocated data pools for all of Europe (May 29, 2019). [...]


New IDS Reference Architecture Model Published The IDS Reference Architecture Model (IDS-RAM) constitutes the conceptual basis of IDS-compliant data exchange between organizations. In addition to specifying rules and mechanisms ensuring data sovereignty within data ecosystems, version 3.0 of the IDS-RAM, which was presented for the first time at this year’s Hannover Fair, focuses on concepts [...]

How to Poison Data based on AI

Machine learning and AI systems are one of the weakest parts in the security chain and therefore can be compromised. The misuse of machine learning and AI as a weapon to infiltrate other machine learning and AI systems is called Data poisoning. Such poisoning attacks: 1. compromises data collection 2. the attacker subverts the learning [...]