German Federal Minister Altmaier Advocating Data Pools

Peter Altmaier, German Federal Minister As data scientists, we have run into this problem quite often: insufficient amounts of good data. Pooling data from different sources could be a solution. In a recent interview with t3n Federal Minister Altmaier even advocated data pools for all of Europe (May 29, 2019). Until recently, [...]


New IDS Reference Architecture Model Published The IDS Reference Architecture Model (IDS-RAM) constitutes the conceptual basis of IDS-compliant data exchange between organizations. In addition to specifying rules and mechanisms ensuring data sovereignty within data ecosystems, version 3.0 of the IDS-RAM, which was presented for the first time at this year’s Hannover Fair, focuses on concepts [...]

How to Poison Data based on AI

Machine learning and AI systems are one of the weakest parts in the security chain and therefore can be compromised. The misuse of machine learning and AI as a weapon to infiltrate other machine learning and AI systems is called Data poisoning. Such poisoning attacks: 1. compromises data collection 2. the attacker subverts the learning [...]

Why Data Matters by Prof. Dr. Chris Schlueter Langdon

THE SUPREME RULE: The first rule of success with data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) is to use (a) the right data and (b) in the right quantity, because AI can only extract insights, if the information for it is captured in the data - and the more, the better.For example, if predicting the failure [...]


Did you know? The new IDS RAM 3.0 is here! What makes this version of the RAM so important? 1. It constitutes the conceptual basis of IDS compliant data exchange between organizations. 2. Specifies rules and mechanisms ensuring data sovereignty within data ecosystems. 3. Focuses on concepts such as big data, artificial intelligence, the [...]

Restart of our IDSA blog!

We are breathing new life into our blog. Stay tuned! If you would like to take an active part, to post about data spaces, data ecosystems, data sovereignty, or report on progress with your use case, your hub or your community, send us an email at info@internationaldataspaces.org


For the first time, the International Data Spaces Association offers an interactive webinar sequel on the topic of the IDS Reference Architecture Model 2.0, in which all spectra of the IDS and the Reference Architecture are explained in a simple and user-friendly manner. Leading experts such as Prof. Dr. Boris Otto [...]


Advaneo advises and accompanies companies in the field of digital transformation. One focal point for European railway companies is on questions of standardisation and digitisation in infrastructure technology. This is all about guaranteeing the highest possible data security to avoid data misuse. Deutsche Bahn, for example, equips tens of thousands of railway-track switches with special [...]