The last Gene­ral Assem­bly of our rese­arch pro­ject BOOST 4.0 took place in Lis­bon, Por­tu­gal. In Cos­ta da Capa­ri­ca to be more pre­cise. It is the cur­rent place to be if you want to ride some waves. The orga­ni­zer of the GA was UNINOVA, one of the 50 part­ners of the pro­ject, who orga­ni­zed a sur­fing les­son the after­noon befo­re the Assem­bly.

We tea­med up at the surf school, dres­sed our­sel­ves with neos, and pre­pa­red the boards. After a litt­le warm up and prac­ti­cing on the beach, we went into the Atlan­tic Oce­an. Our mis­si­on: "catch a big wave and surf it till the end!"

Now I can say that it is real­ly a hard thing to accom­plish! Near­ly all of us were not able to make it all the way to the beach stan­ding up strai­ght. It was the very first time on a board for most of us and chal­len­ges see­med end­less. Some­ti­mes you get pushed under the sur­face after fal­ling off and even though you are with a team, you are basi­cal­ly on your own try­ing not to get over­run by other boards or get­ting hit by your own. Moreo­ver, the­re are so many things that one must take into account! Wait for the right moment to start paddling, keep your legs tog­e­ther, shoul­ders up, don't put your weight too much onto the nose, but also not too far onto the back of the board, watch out for other sur­fers in the water and so on….

And when that moment final­ly comes when you rea­li­ze that you have caught a long-awai­ted wave, you try to stand up, and then, you are eit­her alrea­dy at the beach or under water.

What kept me going on was the con­fi­dence of the coa­ches. "Once you made it, it will always be pos­si­ble for you!" And the best thing is, you can learn from tho­se who have alrea­dy mas­te­red it.

What we expe­ri­en­ced this after­noon is basi­cal­ly what is also hap­pe­ning in the work packa­ge of BOOST 4.0 whe­re we deve­lop the Euro­pean Indus­tri­al Data Space tog­e­ther with 40 out of 50 part­ners. The so cal­led EIDS is based on what the IDSA has deve­lo­ped with the Inter­na­tio­nal Data Space Refe­rence Archi­tec­tu­re. Our mis­si­on: "Build the EIDS eco­sys­tem!"

We for­med teams and pre­pa­red the necessa­ry equip­ment. We war­med up and got into first con­ta­ct with the topic IDS in several calls and work­shops without real­ly imple­men­ting things at first. We are a big step fur­ther sin­ce then. We are cur­r­ent­ly floa­ting in the sea try­ing to learn to surf. We are tog­e­ther out the­re as a team, but at the same time on our own when it comes to imple­men­ting con­nec­tors, app stores, bro­kers and other IDS based com­pon­ents. Chal­len­ges seem to be end­less at this point. The­re are so many details to con­si­der. After deci­ding, which role to take in the big pic­tu­re of the EIDS, we had to build the archi­tec­tu­re for our con­cre­te sce­n­a­ri­os, try­ing to rethink well estab­lis­hed approa­ches and busi­ness models for exis­ting Big Data plat­forms and ser­vices, dealing with com­plex seman­tic models, moti­vat­ing data pro­vi­ders to share their data to set up rea­listic demons­tra­tors, using open source com­pon­ents – not all of them easy to under­stand and hand­le. And when you think you got the twist on how future data eco­no­my with the EIDS eco­sys­tem will be like, you get into a dis­cus­sion that makes you rethink your approach from ground up.

Regard­less of the chal­len­ges that we are facing in BOOST 4.0, the­re are first imple­men­ta­ti­ons that clear­ly show that it is pos­si­ble to build IDS based com­pon­ents even though it can be dif­fi­cult some­ti­mes. We are tal­king about an ent­i­re MVP con­sis­ting of con­nec­tors from dif­fe­rent com­pa­nies and dif­fe­rent pur­po­ses imple­men­ted by ATLANTIS, FIWARE and Uni­ver­si­ty of Bonn, a Bro­ker from Uni Bonn and a Data App that paves the way for a fede­r­a­ted Clea­ring House based on Block­chain by IBM.

To sum it up: First part­ners made it to the beach, they mana­ged to catch the wave and to stand up on their board. Now that this is achie­ved others will fol­low. For tho­se who alrea­dy mana­ged to hand­le the basics we can now start refi­ning their tech­ni­que – buil­ding more refi­ned com­pon­ents like App Stores or the Big Data Apps that are so important for our repli­ca­ti­on pilots.

One last mes­sa­ge for tho­se who were not able to catch a wave or stand up on the board yet: "Keep going! Once you made it, it will always be pos­si­ble for you!"


Text By:

Chris­toph Mer­tens, Cos­ta da Capa­ri­ca, 11.07.2019