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Gaia‑X – your own cloud is the best cloud, but why?

GAIA-X - Your own cloud is the best cloud but why? France and Germany have decided to develop a European cloud. Towards the end of last year, news stories were already trumpeting their Gaia-X project as a challenger to the cloud giant Amazon. And there is a modicum of truth [...]

Fraunhofer ISST Report published

Data Ecosystems: Conceptual Foundations, Constituents and Recommendations for Action The proliferation of digital technologies and artificial intelligence solutions is accelerating business models characterized by steadily increasing data traffic. Data is the strategic resource for their success. Making the most of this valuable resource must be the goal of business ecosystems. [...]

The Role of IDS for the European Digital Economy

Presentation of the European strategy for data European Commission Brussels | February 19, 2020 The Role of IDS for the European Digital Economy On February 19th, 2020, the European Commission introduced its first data strategy. The aim: European companies and [...]

IDS – giving control over personal data back to people

IDS – giving control over personal data back to people It‘s a familiar scene at airports of holiday destinations around the world: Upon arrival and collecting the baggage, we want to head to the hotel or our apartment as quickly as possible. However, renting a car [...]

IDSA joined the Dutch Data Sharing Coalition

Photo credits: Fons Klappe Making Data Sovereignty Happen and Enjoyable IDSA joined the Dutch Data Sharing Coalition IDSA and the Data Sharing Coalition officially announced that IDSA will be part of the Dutch initiative. “We need a lot more of these activities and harmonization efforts involving more [...]

The Guide to Cyber Security Check is now available

Cyber Security Check A Guide to performing cyber security checks in the  Office IT of companies and authorities Together with experts from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the Cyber Security Section of the ISACA Germany Chapter e. V. have developed [...]

Boris Otto's take on Data Sovereignty

My Complete Career was around and about Data Management My passion for data management started 1999 when I worked for PwC and was member of a large project team re-engineering business processes for all General Motors plants in Europe. In this context, I got on [...]

2 New Position Papers

2 New Exciting Position Papers now Published! Usage Control in the International Data Spaces This report focuses on data usage control and data provenance, that are conceptual, and technological solutions to cope with data sovereignty challenges. It introduces a common scenario for the Industry 4.0 age, in which a [...]