/IDSA at the Data Marketplaces Workshop with Sebastian Steinbuss

IDSA at the Data Marketplaces Workshop with Sebastian Steinbuss

6. November 2018 ganztägig
Bosch IoT Campus, Berlin
IDSA at the Data Marketplaces Workshop with Sebastian Steinbuss @ Bosch IoT Campus, Berlin | Berlin | Berlin | Deutschland

Today, data is the key resour­ce. Collec­ting data about users (e.g., search que­ries) or crea­ted by users (e.g., pho­tos or messa­ges) is cru­ci­al to many of the most suc­cess­ful busi­nes­ses of our time. As a result, for many com­pa­nies, it is vital to keep this resour­ce clo­sed. Howe­ver, in other are­as, a push towards ope­ning data is seen, e.g., in the smart cities domain. Here, plat­forms are nee­ded that make sharing data most effi­ci­ent. In other domains, e.g., indus­tri­al manu­fac­tu­ring, data is still tight­ly locked. Howe­ver, a trend shows that indus­tri­al data shall be sha­red with spe­ci­fic third par­ties, e.g., for spe­cia­li­zed ana­ly­tics. In both cases, enab­ling the mone­tiza­ti­on of using or pro­ces­sing of data is cru­ci­al for new busi­ness models. Data mar­ket­pla­ces are nee­ded to enab­le the­se func­tio­na­li­ties. The­se data mar­ket­pla­ces need to be capa­ble of enab­ling this in a trusted and secu­re man­ner whe­re all the peers can equal­ly con­tri­bu­te and every sin­gle step is audita­ble. New tech­no­lo­gies, such as dis­tri­bu­t­ed led­gers (e.g., Block­chain), can be used to enab­le such trusted data mar­ket­pla­ces.

Bes­i­des the abi­li­ty of mone­tiza­ti­on, data mar­ket­pla­ces also need to hand­le the hete­ro­gen­ei­ty of data and faci­li­ta­te to invol­ve sta­ke­hol­ders to effi­ci­ent­ly dis­co­ver, exchan­ge and final­ly inte­gra­te data into their app­li­ca­ti­ons and pro­ducts. Com­mon voca­bu­la­ries and seman­tic data models are important fea­tures of data mar­ket­pla­ces in order to bridge the inter­ope­ra­bi­li­ty gap and auto­ma­te data inte­gra­ti­on at sca­le.

In this work­shop, invi­ted experts will pro­vi­de their views on the fol­lo­wing topics:

  • Block­chain approa­ches for data mar­ket­pla­ces (e.g. smart con­tracts, payment)
  • Busi­ness model and oppor­tu­nities on mone­ti­zing data via mar­ket­pla­ces for smart cities or indus­tries
  • Data inter­ope­ra­bi­li­ty (seman­tic & syn­tac­tic) for scalab­le dis­co­very and inte­gra­ti­on
  • Secu­ri­ty and pri­va­cy aspects on sharing data (e.g., com­pli­an­ce with the GDPR)

The tar­get audi­ence of the of this work­shop are poten­ti­al users of data mar­ket­pla­ces, such as cities or other IoT eco­sys­tem pro­mo­ters, start­ups who are active in the area of data mar­ket­pla­ces or enab­ling tech­no­lo­gies, and enter­pri­ses sha­ping pro­ducts of the future to address the iden­ti­fied needs.

The work­shop will take place on the 6th Novem­ber 2018 in Ber­lin, Ger­ma­ny at the Bosch IoT Cam­pus.